A Blend ofNature & Scienceto Nurture Your Skin

802-891-6942Milton, VT

VERMONT FARMSTEAD, SMALL BATCH GOAT MILK SOAPNo Colorants • No Fragrances • No Essential Oils

A Blend ofNature & Scienceto Nurture Your Skin

802-891-6942Milton, VT

VERMONT FARMSTEAD, SMALL BATCH GOAT MILK SOAPNo Colorants • No Fragrances • No Essential Oils

Contrary’s Whey Goat Milk Soap Testimonials:

All of my goat milk soaps are unscented, additive, and fragrance free. My homemade, locally crafted goat milk soap is suitable for all skins types including oily, dry, normal and those with skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, or acne. The formula contains 100% pure ingredients.
Would your skin benefit from a trial of Contrary’s Whey Goat Milk Soap? Read these honest, heartfelt testimonials and decide for yourself. You may find that my all-natural goat milk soap is a value-added skin care product that works for you.

“Until I found your product this year, I have been on the hunt for a Goat Milk soap that would truly be effective in helping my skin be nourished and soft. As you know, I have been ordering your soap throughout the year, and I am truly so happy to have found you and your products. My husband has also been using the soap by default, since it is the only soap I have in our shower. Ha.. And I also have a special bar for my facial use. After nearly 7 months, I can truly tell you that my skin has remained so soft and smooth, I have not had to use any moisturizing lotion on my body at all during this entire time. And my husband too has found his skin is no longer dry. The special blend you have created is 100% spot on! And your wonderful dwarf goats are to be blessed with their wonderful milk they provide."

Dawn Z. Keswick, VA

“We prefer your soap above any bath product now, and my husband let me know he opened the last clamshell and we needed to order more….like ASAP."

Kellie M. Williston, VT

“As someone who is prone to break-outs, finding the right soap is extremely important to me. I started using Contrary’s Whey about six months ago and it’s now my go-to soap. My skin is absolutely loving it. The soap lathers beautifully, cleans thoroughly, and feels soft and nourishing. I have no doubt this is because of the natural ingredients, milk from well-loved goats, and the care and craftsmanship of Ellie’s process. I’ve found my soap!"

Sarah C., Williamstown, MA

“I am a very selective consumer. Before purchasing a bar of soap, I research the producer and pore over the listed ingredients. I insist that the animals are cared for humanely and safely. Contrary’s Whey products are not only sustainably and responsibly produced but also wonderful. The goat milk soap feels silky on my skin, cleans reliably, and leaves no scent or residue. And I love the rustic, compostable cardboard packaging. With Contrary’s Whey products, you know you’re getting exceptional quality without compromise!"

Nan R. Cooper, Willington, Conn.

“As a RN, I wash my hands and use hand sanitizer frequently throughout my shift. I have sensitive skin and react easily to hygiene products. After I started using Ellie’s goat milk soap, my skin no longer hurts, it stopped itching, and my hands do not crack in the wintertime. Ellie’s soap rinses clean and does not include artificial ingredients. No need to worry about allergies to scents and/or perfumes, because Ellie does not add these to her soap. Ellie milks her own goats, and makes the soap herself. I highly recommend Ellie’s soap for anyone with sensitive skin, and/or who prefers a natural, locally produced, fragrance-free soap."

Nancy B., Burlington, VT

“I wanted to let you know how much I like Contrary’s Whey soap. As you know, I got several bars recently, both for myself and to give as gifts. In fact, I liked using it so much I bought two more bars to give to friends. After using the soap, my skin—which is very dry at this time of year—felt so soft. I also like the fact that the soap is fragrance-free. It’s great for my finicky friends and also for any, like me, who have sensitivities. In addition to the lovely soap, the packaging is also nice. The first thing my sister-in-law said when she opened hers was, “I love the package”. The recyclable box is perfect and complements the whimsical picture of the goats very nicely. You have a great product! Thanks so much!”"

Margaret L., Richmond, VT

“I’ve been using Contrary’s Whey Goat Milk Soap exclusively for a few years now and can easily say I won’t turn back to regular soap ever again. Before switching to Contrary’s Whey goat milk soap, my dry itchy skin would keep me up at night, especially in the winter months, but now I rest easily and am able to shower before bed without a problem. Great soap for everyone, but a must-have for sensitive skin."

Jay R., Underhill, VT

“I love Contrary’s Whey Goat Milk Soap for so many reasons. It makes my skin feel clean, soft, and moisturized. It lathers well and doesn’t seem to dissolve as quickly as commercial soaps. Being a cancer survivor, using a product that has no additives gives me peace of mind. Also, with age, I have become much more sensitive to fragrances, so it being fragrance free is a huge plus. Love this soap!."

Mel B., Essex, VT

“Ellie’s goat milk soap makes bathing a treat even in the cold, dry winter months. Her soap leaves your skin soft and hydrated, and you can tell there are no harsh chemicals to dry your skin. I am out working in the garden or the cold frame all the time and come in with ground-in dirt on my hands. I wash with this soap and somehow my hands are clean and don’t feel dry. I used to have to slather on the lotion after each wash with store bought soap, but not when I use Contrary’s Whey Goat Milk Soap. Ellie and her goats must be putting lots of love and hard work into their soap. Thanks for such a wonderful product!."

Kristen Rush, Meriden, Conn.

“You have the best soaps, thanks for your help, really appreciate it.”

The chicken lady – Suzanne S., New Glouster, ME

“We just love this soap.“

Maureen R., St. Albans, VT

“I use the goat milk soap every day. The skills of a master pharmacist hand-crafting each piece to ensure that it’s gentle, consistent, and soothing is apparent to me, and that’s why I’m a repeat customer..“

Doug C., Willington, CT

“My husband and I have been using this wonderful soap exclusively since it was first offered. We love it! It lathers beautifully and rinses easily, leaving our skin clean and moisturized. There are no harsh additives or fragrances. We have known Ellie for more than 40 years and know her to be an honest woman with the highest standards who would never sell you anything that she did not 100% believe in and that was in any way imperfect. Please support this woman-owned small business; you’ll be glad you did!“

Sandi A., Kearneysville, WV

“Soap is very nice for moisturizing skin and has very few ingredients. All natural, bought them for gifts. Luv it.“


“I have extremely sensitive skin and this is the best soap I have found in my 70 years. I use it in the shower. Love it!“

Kitty W

“Love the soap, very moisturizing with no additives or fragrances, great for dry hands especially in winter“

Pam K., Northfield, VT


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