Ellie Mesler

About the Soap Maker


A Practicing Pharmacist

Ellie Mesler became a practicing pharmacist in 1982. She works exclusively as a hospital pharmacist, utilizing her skills at a time when people are at their most vulnerable.  Ellie’s pharmacy journey has kept her close to what matters most – the care of patients experiencing an illness.   Maximizing the use of medications while minimizing possible adverse effects is a balancing act requiring good listening skills and attention to details.  She always welcomes and accepts all challenges as an opportunity to learn and teach. In 2007 she received a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer that changed her life—ultimately for the better—when she was introduced to Nigerian Dwarf goats during her recovery.

Soap Maker

A nurse asked if she had ever made goat milk soap, confiding that she found it difficult to find one that contained shea butter, but didn’t have fragrances, aromatic essential oils, or colorants. After taking a soap-making class, Ellie used her doctorate in pharmacy to create a recipe for what she feels is the perfect product: Contrary’s Whey Goat Milk Soap.

“As a RN, I wash my hands and use hand sanitizer frequently throughout my shift. I have sensitive skin and react easily to hygiene products. After I started using Ellie’s goat milk soap, my skin no longer hurts, it stopped itching, and my hands do not crack in the wintertime.  Ellie’s soap rinses clean and does not include artificial ingredients.  No need to worry about allergies to scents and/or perfumes, because Ellie does not add these to her soap.  Ellie milks her own goats, and makes the soap herself.  I highly recommend Ellie’s soap for anyone with sensitive skin, and/or who prefers a natural, locally produced, fragrance-free soap.”

 —Nancy B., Burlington, Vt.