Left to Right: Contrary, Aura and Lodge

Meet the Goats


Hi everyone! We are the goats of Contrary’s Whey:
Contrary, Aura and Lodge.

Contrary, the namesake of the farm, is the herd queen. In her gentle, caring way she keeps the peace, and enjoys the status that befits her matronly nature.

Aura, a half-sister to Contrary, is the rebellious princess of the group. If there is any mischief afoot on the farm, all hooves point to Aura. The one place she shines is on the milk stand, serenely chewing her cud while Ellie sings, “one, two buckle my shoe,” and collects her delicious milk. 

Lodge is Aura’s son. His difficult birth required Ellie to bottle-feed him. During that time, a bond formed between them that sealed his fate. Lodge remains the resident wether (neutered male goats are called wethers), and is an excellent companion to the other goats.  


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