The Red Barn, Home to the Goats at Contrary's Whey Farm

A Small Vermont Goat Farm

Contrary’s Whey is a small farmstead nestled on a preserved stretch of the Lamoille River in Milton, Vermont. The Nigerian Dwarf goats that dwell here forage on hand-sown pastures in season, and have constant access to free-choice hay in the post-and-beam barn they call home. Free to move between their cozy barn and expansive, fenced pasture as they please during the day, they are contented, healthy goats.

Animal Welfare Approved

Ellie loves her goats and is constantly seeking to refine her animal husbandry skills.  During a visit to a neighboring dairy goat farm in Vermont, she met an outreach coordinator from the Animal Welfare Approved Animal Welfare Approved logo(AWA) program.  AWA is an independent, nonprofit organization that guarantees animals are raised according to the highest welfare standards.  The rigorous certification program requires physical inspection by an AWA auditor of the animals and the farm, and a review of management practices, including all farm plans and record keeping related to the rearing of the goats. The goats must live on an independent family farm that uses sustainable agriculture methods, have access to outdoor space, and be pasture-raised. Ellie is proud to be an AWA-certified farm.  You will find the AWA label on Contrary’s Whey Goat Milk Soap.

A Focus on Sustainability & Quality

Ellie’s commitment to sustainability has shaped her goals for the farmstead, where her focus is on quality production at each stage of the process. Every slice of cheese, batch of yogurt, drop of milk, and bar of soap is made with the goals of unmatched purity, compassionate animal husbandry, and superior product quality.

A Passion for Learning & Teaching

Ellie is also passionate about learning and teaching as cornerstones for life.  She welcomes your questions and the opportunity to share information about our goats and the painstaking steps that transform goat milk into our superb products.

Cheese & Yogurt-Making Classes

As a means of sharing her knowledge, Ellie offers cheese- and yogurt-making classes by appointment. If interested, please contact her at 802-891-6942 or by email.

“I am a very selective consumer. Before purchasing a bar of soap or a tub of yogurt, I research the producer and pore over the listed ingredients. I insist that the animals are cared for humanely and safely. Contrary’s Whey products are not only sustainably and responsibly produced but also wonderful. The goat milk soap feels silky on my skin, cleans reliably, and leaves no scent or residue. And I love the rustic, compostable cardboard packaging. The thick, plain yogurt has the fresh taste and delectable texture I crave in a superior yogurt. With Contrary’s Whey products, you know you’re getting exceptional quality without compromise.”      
— Nan R. Cooper, Willington, Conn. 


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