Our 100% Pure Goat Milk Soap in Eco-Friendly Packaging

About Contrary’s Whey Goat Milk Soap


100% Pure Ingredients

All of the oils used in making Contrary’s Whey Goat Milk Soap, including olive, coconut, castor, wheat germ, and the shea butter, are 100% pure, and sourced from a company that adheres to FDA Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). Oils and fats are required in the process of soap making and are normally bland smelling.

In contrast, “essential oils” extracted from herbs and flowers are not required in the soap making process. Essential oils and fragrances are mixtures of natural or synthetic compounds that impart a scent to the final product. Contrary’s Whey Farm’s soap formula does not include essential oils, fragrances, or colorants.

  • All ingredients are 100% pure
  • Castor oil and coconut oil are expeller pressed
  • Olive oil and shea butter are mechanically pressed
  • Wheat germ oil is cold pressed
  • All ingredients are harvested responsibly
  • All oils are Hexane free

GMO-Free Goat Milk

Because the goats’ main diet is pasture and hay, supplemented minimally with organic grain when necessary, the goat milk is non-GMO.


  • Facial bar
  • Body bar
  • Shampoo bar (for all hair types: human, caprine, canine or otherwise).

Eco-Friendly Packaging

-Our clamshell packages, used for individual soap bars, are made from 100% recycled cardboard, which can be recycled, composted or repurposed.
-Shredded brown paper bags, once containing wood shavings, are used to protect our handcrafted products during shipping. Occasionally, we add what would otherwise be discarded paper for color.